Operational Excellence Program

Launched in February 2016, the operational excellence program is an institution-wide initiative designed to make SLU more efficient and effective, and identify opportunities for increased revenue and growth — all to enable the priorities identified in the University's strategic plan.

St. Ignatius Statue

The program is a multi-year effort that involves academic and administrative functions, including the nonclinical operations of SLUCare. The program’s objectives, scope, timeline and decision-making process were described to the University community through a series of forums, small group meetings, one-on-one discussions and email communications.  

Working according to the plan, an 18-member Steering Committee entered a diagnostic phase to review data and guide analyses so focus areas for improvement could be identified, recommended by Provost Nancy Brickhouse and CFO David Heimburger, and selected by University President Fred Pestello for further development.

In August 2016, the University released a report to the SLU community that presented key facts and figures — reviewed by the Steering Committee — that contributed to our current understanding of the SLU’s operations. The report also summarizes the focus areas for improvement that have been selected for the next phase, during which specific solutions will be designed.

Final Diagnostic Report